What We Do
Welcome to IDG Management Services

IDG Management Services has a successful track record in the U.S and internationally as a Project and Risk manager in identifying emerging industry trends and the development of Technology based Health Care solutions. We commenced business 20 Years ago providing specialized Job Creation, Training and International Recruiting services to the Health Care and Technology Industries. From 2010 onwards we made a strategic decision to develop Technology based Health Solutions designed to extend coverage and reduce health care delivery costs.

Tele Health, Remote Monitoring, Rural Health and Home Health

The health care industry has to increasingly adopt technology solutions to deliver services in the relatively low cost Primary practice, the Home, or the Rural or Urban Clinic to deal with the significantly higher numbers of the population requiring health care.

The business objective is to provide health care solutions integrated with technology to reduce patient use of high cost Hospital and ER resources, reduce Hospital Re- Admissions and ensure in this transition process that the primary practice continues to remain central to the delivery of care.