What We Do

    - Telehealth, Remote Monitoring, Home Health and Rural Health.

The delivery and successful implementation of Telehealth and Remote Monitoring Systems requires professionals to take an integrated approach to projects and simultaneously develop the skills and expertise for each project component or activity.

Our experience in Training and Recruiting is particularly relevant to the Job Creation process since we can develop the necessary skill profiles required for successful Telehealth and Remote monitoring projects.

Training programs provide applicants with the theoretical knowledge of Remote monitoring solutions combined with hands on experience in Design of data bases, Equipment selection and most importantly implementation and System integration experience. Successful employees will develop skills to trouble shoot problems at the Central Clinical Data Repository, Physicians Offices, Hospitals, Clinics or Imaging Centers and at Patients homes.

Additional skills that will evolve through experience are Project and Risk Management and designing special reports to meet end user needs.

As the market evolves, employees will also be responsible for developing the preliminary client specifications to include new medical devices for the R & D Department to conduct detailed research, conduct field testing to transmit images or clinical readings to the Patient Clinical Data Repository and implement the remote monitoring process.

We are especially interested in talking to Veterans and other individuals who wish to transition their careers to the Health Care Industry.

Please arrange to send us your resume together with a brief statement of your career intentions To