What We Do

The health care industry has to increasingly adopt technology solutions to deliver services in the relatively low cost GP Primary practice, the Home, or the local Urban / Rural Health Clinic to deal with the significantly higher numbers of the population requiring health care.

The business process will focus resources and leverage technology to target patients with the following diseases :

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes ( including management of diabetic retinopathy )
  • COPD
  • Mental Health & Depression
  • Cancer and Palliative Care ( 85 % of Palliative Care patients have cancer )
  • Ear and Vision Care.

The delivery locations will be

  • Rural Health Facilities and Primary Practices
  • Rural Long Term Care Facilities to ensure that rural patients can live close to family
  • Native American and / or Aboriginal Health Centers in Australia and Canada.
  • Rural and Urban Cancer and Palliative Care Centers
  • Rural Home Health managed by Rural Primary practices
  • Urban Home Health managed by urban primary practices
  • Urban Long Term Care Facilities managed by urban primary practices

IDG Management Services Inc has proven technology comprising a Central Patient Clinical Data Repository integrated with proprietary technology solutions and capable of being accessed through the internet by primary practice physicians from any location. This will be the principle mechanism for the primary practice physicians to manage and control the health care cycle with access if required to Specialists supported by a Multidisciplinary team of Allied Health Professionals including Pharmacists, Dietitians, Physical Therapists and Exercise counselors.

The Principals of IDG Management Services Inc, Mr Chris Noronha and Mr Giridharan Vaidyanathan have a total of 69 Years of experience in the Health Care Industry in the United States, Australia, and India with complementary Clinical , Health- IT and Project and Risk management experience. Expertise includes Tele Health projects which have processed 150,000 patients with a focus on Cardiology, Diabetes Care, Stroke/ Neurology and Tele- Ophthalmology in addition to specialized Tele- ICU applications.

Bluetooth equipped BP monitors, Weighing scales, Glucometers, EKG and Imaging devices including Color Doppler, Ultrasound, Retina Scans, Funduscopes, MRI and CT Scans will transmit data and images from multiple clinical data sources including the Primary Practice, Home Health, Long Term Care facilities, Rural or Urban Hospitals / Clinics and Mobile Clinics to the Patient Clinical Data Repository . Data from Laboratories, Pharmacies, and Public Health Organizations is transmitted through specially designed modules.

The prime feature of the technology enables an integrated patient health information system which includes capabilities to store data, text, and provide diagnostic quality imaging, and includes videoconferencing. The ability of the solution to integrate clinical data is superior to any other technology currently available as it goes beyond simple videoconferencing and includes the ability to transfer and store text, data and images and provide secure physician access incorporating the HIPAA security standard.